Bluffing in Poker – Part 2

In the first part of our series on bluffing we covered what bluffing is and how to use it to your advantage when playing online.

The Limit to Bluffing: Bluffing works best in No Limit scenarios because you can go all the way with it – go All-In- bet the farm and (hopefully) scare the bejeezus out of your opponents. In Limit games, however, the highest you can bet or raise is the limit. When the ceiling is a finite number, your fellow players are a lot more likely to call it just to see how the hand plays out. Therefore, bluffing is not as powerful a tool in limit games.

Get Caught: A particularly stellar bluffing strategy is to let yourself get caught doing it, even at the expense of losing a pot to do so. The reason? Because once you’ve established yourself in your opponents’ eyes as someone who bluffs, people will call your outrageous bets more often, giving you a greater chance of pulling down enormous pots when you do get dealt the Nuts.

Representing the Flop: This is a particular type of bluff, distinct from the “Stone Cold Bluff” occupying the bulk of this article. “Representing the Flop” is pretending that whatever cards you needed to have the Nuts just came up on the flop. Many players are keen to this trick, though, so watch out when you use it. You might find someone else trying the same racket at the same time as you, in which case you may want to back off. In some instances, that other player may actually have gotten the Nuts on the flop, and here you’re just faking it. It’s a trick to be aware of, but not to abuse. Get a read on the other players at the table and note your position in order to decide if now is the right time to represent the flop, because sometimes it’s a perfect time.

Beating a Bluff: Lastly in this intro to bluffing is one final word of advice on how to act when you believe your opponent is trying to bluff you. Look at your cards. Can you win the hand? If so, play on. If not, let him have it. Don’t call someone just because you think they’re bluffing. Only stay in a hand you think you can win.

One way to learn more about how and when players bluff is to watch them very closely when you are not playing. In fact, some of the best jobs to do this is to work as a Vegas Poker Dealer’s Salary. When you become a poker table hire, you get to watch all the action without having to take any of the risks.