Hold’ em Etiquette

Hold’ em is essentially a positional game, meaning that players have an advantage relative to their position in the hand. The biggest advantage is given to the player who gets to act last as he/she gets to see what everyone else does before making a move. However, good etiquette and genuine courtesy are expected from all players regardless of where they are and whether they’re playing Startseite online or offline.



Players are expected to treat each other in the way they themselves like to be treated – presumably with respect. Respect would mean avoiding the use of offensive or foul language and actions. Harassing or intimidating other players at the table is not tolerated. Neither is criticizing the opponent’s play acceptable.



It is good practice to wear one’s poker face at all times when in the table. This includes even the times when a player has folded. A player has a variety of options when playing the game. One can fold, check, bet/raise or call. When a player folds, he/she no longer wants to play the hand and throws their cards back to the dealer. A player may need to fold when facing a bet or when forced to put money although he/she can always check if there is no bet in front of them. A player is said to check when he/she chooses not to make any action and passes. Betting is done by putting money into the pot. When a player is already facing a bet, he/she can raise by putting more money in the pot matching the bet.



Any visible reaction with regards to the cards being dealt could help out those in the hand if they see the connection between the cards that caused a specific reaction and the cards held by those who gave such reaction. Although there will probably be no penalty for it, it still wouldn’t be appreciated by the players. Any form of assistance that would give unfair advantage to one over the others is against the rules.



Players who fold should never reveal their cards by making sure that their cards stay face down. Casinos do not tolerate cheating and some penalize the act of “accidentally” revealing cards big time. This is to prevent deliberate acts of cheating done in cahoots with another player. Flashing the cards around and showing them to spectators shows disrespect for the other players even if there is no intention to help out anyone.



The fact that a player has folded does not give him/her the right to disturb the concentration of those who still are playing. Side conversations on the table are very annoying for those who need to make decisions. The time is better spent observing the opponents.



Whether or not a player plays like a champion, acting like a champion is important. When a hand is won, the winning player should simply take the pot and avoid gloating. When a player loses a hand, determining what went wrong instead of arguing with the player who won is the way to go. Nothing could make a player act in an undesired manner than indulging in alcohol during play. Aside from causing obnoxious behavior for some, alcohol usually makes a person play looser than normal.



Online poker players should not type in capital letters as it is the equivalent to shouting in the actual poker setting. The attention of a player who engages in lagging or the constant slowing down of the game can be called. It should be done politely and the help of the gambling site can be requested as its support team can assist in connection problems. Bad beats will always be part of the game but they should be taken in stride. Players should resist the temptation to type in offensive comments as it does not serve any purpose and instead move on to worthier opponents.