Poker Tips

For the past couple of years, the game of poker has been growing at an exponential rate. There’s little doubt that the main stream media’s acceptance of Poker has helped fuel the fire. There’s no need to come to Vegas or find some pals to play with, because you can play in your underwear at home via online poker rooms.

Know the Difference

While many things hold true in online poker with its offline counterpart, some things don’t transfer. Bluffing does not have the same impact in online poker as it does in a real world poker game. Sure, you can fake taking time to bet or bet a bundle, but these actions are not translated as well in the online world. Furthermore, you can use visual cues to throw your opponent off. Because of this, online poker players should focus more on their game and less on trying to bluff their way to victory.

Practice Makes Perfect–well it makes you better anyway.

If the game is online poker, one can find a plethora of poker websites to play at. Many of them make perfect training grounds, because they offer low stakes poker–even nickel games.

While there are free ways to play poker, it’s really a waste of time if you want to get better. Just about no one playing is serious–it’s free after all. Please note, I am speaking of play money games and not freerolls.

Not All Levels are Created Equal

Don’t think that just because you own the 50 cent poker world that you can jump into $2/$4 and be the king. The higher you go, the more difficult it becomes, because the number of better players increase. Many players find that they just can’t play in the middle to higher poker games, even if they can afford it, because the majority of play level is over their head.


The game of poker is about patience. Sure, you can join a NL table and go all-in with 4-5 off suit, but to really win long-term, you can’t be in a rush to play. Don’t be tempted to make foolish calls and go in with a poor hand just so you can see the flop.

Game Style

If you play different poker game types, such as no-limit, limit, tourney and so on, you must play the game differently. Each poker game type has its own optimal way to play. For example, in limit games, you can simply put a bet out there and know that it’s only going so far. However, in no limit, you can’t simply throw out a bet because your hand warrants it. You must ask yourself, is my hand good enough to raise? If not and you limp around, someone will probably go over the top and take your hard earned money from you.